Wamata Solutions, a Malaysian owned company has been appointed as the distributor for DIGIDIA’s Digital Radio Transmission Systems in Malaysia. The DIGIDIA team has a proven international experience in the digital radio area and is therefore a privileged technical partner for any of its customer’s digital radio transmission projects (products supply, technical expertise, technical training courses, installations...). DIGIDIA is the only company in the world today able to offer a complete transmission solution following both the DAB/DAB+/DMB and the DRM/DRM+ international standards.

Our target customer includes the:

  • Radio Broadcast Market (Radio Broadcasters, Network Operators, Radio System Integrators...)
  • TV Broadcast Market (TV Broadcasters, Network Operators, Telco Companies, TV System Integrators...)
  • Wireless Data Broadcast Market (Data Content Providers, Telco Companies, Push Data System Integrators...)
  • OEM Broadcast Market (Transmitter Manufacturers...)

For more information, please contact us at enquiries@wamatasolutions.com.