Military spectrum needs are extremely varied and important, covering the whole radio spectrum from radio-determination, radio relay, wireless communication, satellite communication, radio-navigation, telemetry, UAVs etc. Frequencies are attributed for long-term operations and temporary missions, like humanitarian relief, peace keeping or peace enforcing missions. Moreover, the importance and scope of homeland security, electronic warfare and communication between forces have been continuously expanding.

Automated Military Spectrum Management and Electronic Warfare Systems are indispensable in order to meet the challenges of modern complex military frequency spectrum management and coordination. Only by employing automated dedicated frequency management and electronic warfare systems will safe and secure military communication be guaranteed. Preparation for crisis management and mission planning is similarly vital to be prepared for the relevant scenarios, enabling quick and effective reactions in operations.

LS telcom's experience and profound knowledge in general spectrum management combined with a well proven software architecture and a user-friendly GIS-based graphical user interface make up the solid foundation for LS telcom's Military Frequency Management and Electronic Warfare Solution. 

LS telcom's Automated Military Spectrum Management Solution and Electronic Warfare is a highly modular system and covers strategic pre-mission planning in peacetime, crisis and wartime, tactical mission and scenario planning. It includes effective frequency management, coordination and interference solutions, hierarchical data management with flexible and secure processing as well as seamless data exchange to other standard systems and database.

LS Telcom’s Military Spectrum Management and Electronic Warfare solution is the choice for your Military needs.
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