Established in 1990, Canada Post International Limited (CPIL) markets the expertise and business solutions of Canada Post worldwide. Wholly owned by Canada Post, CPIL has complete access to the resources of a highly competitive, modern postal administration that includes highly skilled management & operations personnel and state-of-the-art technology that

has made Canada Post a world leader in Postal Systems. The valuable experience gained in implementing these solutions for both Canada Post and clients have established CPIL as one of the most internationally recognized and successful Postal consultancy firms.

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Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, ZANTAZ has offices in Boston, New York, London and Ottawa. ZANTAZ customer-driven solutions are delivered worldwide through a global network of strategic partnerships and alliances, as well as a direct sales force. We work closely with distributors and resellers across the
United Kingdom and Europe, North America and Australia/Asia Pacific to deliver and support our industry-leading Information Retention and Discovery Management solutions.

Email & File Archiving
Electronic Discovery
Litigation Support

Each of ZANTAZ' products and services can be implemented separately, or deployed together as an integrated solution. ZANTAZ solutions are available as either onsite software products or on-demand hosted services, and they include a broad set of professional services and integration support.

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Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, SPECTROCAN is a global systems integrator focused on delivering comprehensive spectrum management solutions to regulators around the world.
SPECTROCAN offers a fully integrated solution that comprises all activities in the area of spectrum management. Our solution includes a state-of-the-art spectrum management system, the Automated Frequency Management Systems (AFMS), as well as monitoring systems and equipment, and spectrum management consulting and training services.

Through a Government/Industry Transfer-of-Technology Agreement, SPECTROCAN has integrated and commercialized the Spectrum Management Technology of Industry Canada, formerly the Department of Communications. This agreement ensures that SPECTROCAN has access to the latest developments in policy, equipment and regulation governing the field of Spectrum Management, not only in Canada but also around the world.

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LS Telcom started back 1991 as an engineering solutions and wireless consulting firm. They specializes in Radio Frequency (RF) network designs and optimization as well as integrated software solutions, both of which addresses the requirements of the wireless telecom network operators and regulatory authorities responsible for frequency spectrum management.
Combined with years of extensive research and development, LS Telcom is one of the major players in the Spectrum world, with the abilities to provide strategic consulting, radio network optimization services and operational assistance for wireless network operators. Deployment of the LS Telcom tools covers around 40 countries worldwide and the list is still growing, with more and more demand for superior solutions and customizable software tools that are modular and widely adaptable.

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DIGIDIA develops, manufacture and sell products and related services dedicated to the digital broadcasting and transmission of media such as radio, TV and data.
The DIGIDIA team has a proven international experience in the digital radio area and is therefore a privileged technical partner for any of its customer’s digital radio transmission projects (products supply, technical expertise, technical training courses, installations...). DIGIDIA is the only company in the world today able to offer a complete transmission solution following both the DAB/DAB+/DMB and the DRM/DRM+ international standards.

DIGIDIA’s has a real expertise in the COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex) digital processing allowing digital transmission of contents in severe environments like the terrestrial channel and also in the IP (Internet Protocol) for signal transport (contribution, distribution),  management software (HTTP for Web system management, SNMP for a global system management) and many other IP based valuable applications.

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Over 30 years of Postal experience with Canada Post, Canada Post International Ltd, and many Postal Administrations around the world.

Today's Postal industry around the world has many challenges from the private sector couriers , the internet, and changing customer demands.
Efficient operations with the "right" technology and the"right" product offerings for your customers will determine if the Post can survive and deliver the Universal Postal Service mandated.

GPCI's wealth of Postal experience in domestic and international postal industries can evaluate and lead your Post on the road to sustainable success.

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