With the most comprehensive range of options for automated file management, ZANTAZ File and Email Archiving Solutions optimize storage resources, reduce IT overhead and increase end-user productivity while ensuring the long-term retention and instant retrieval of email and files in the event of a regulatory investigation or discovery request. Read more>>
ZANTAZ Compliance Solutions enable your company to manage business risk, enhance user access to information and strengthen legal and regulatory compliance. Read more>>
LS Telcom offers solutions - Software & Services - for Radio Network Planning and Spectrum Management addressing Network Operators and Regulatory Authorities. Read more>>
Through LS Telcom’s renowned military specific solutions, LS Telcom has a set of solution that caters specifically for the military. This includes the capability of military spectrum management system, electronic warfare mission planning, technical spectrum management and network coverage planning or even planning a simple link or coverage. Read more>>
Wamata Solutions together with LS Telcom provides Airport Operators the Complete Integration Solution for Licensing and Cordination of Aeronautical Radio Services. Read more>>
LS Telcom is a renowned uncontested market leader as well pioneers in the planning of the FM and TV broadcasting networks. Read more>>
Wamata Solutions together with LS telcom is a provider of independent planning and engineering services for Digital Mobile Radio networks. Read more>>
Wamata Solutions together with DIGIDIA, France now provides products and related services dedicated to the digital broadcasting and transmission of media such as radio, TV and data. Read more>>
Since 2003 and through a partnership with Canada Post International Ltd (CPIL), Wamata Solutions have been providing expert consulting and solutions to the Postal industry. Read more>>
Wamata Solutions together Global Postal Consulting Inc (GPCI) provides postal, courier as well the goods distribution industry. Read more>>