Compliance is one of the most important issues faced by any company in a regulated industry. A complex, ever-shifting challenge, it involves implementation of the right technology solutions and the consistent application of policies, procedures and processes throughout your organization. Failure to
















meet your industry's regulations can have devastating results — from steep fines and unwanted exposure to criminal prosecution.

ZANTAZ Compliance Solutions enable your company to manage business risk, enhance user access to information and strengthen legal and regulatory compliance. Our solutions eliminate the heavy upfront investment of system hardware and software, installation and maintenance services, delivering an extremely low TCO — typically saving our customers 25-40% over a three-year period. And the ZANTAZ Professional Services Team is available 24x7 with the best customer support in the industry. It's no wonder that most of the top securities firms and many Fortune 100 companies trust ZANTAZ for their compliance needs.


  • ZANTAZ Digital Safe, our on-demand, highly scalable solution, is trusted by more financial services firms than any other compliance archiving system. ZANTAZ Digital Safe also features ZANTAZ Digital Supervisor to help enterprises monitor and supervise employee communications, including email and other electronic data.
  • ZANTAZ Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS) is the scalable, cost-effective email and file management solution for onsite storage optimization and message retention, featuring ZANTAZ EAS Supervisor for monitoring and control of corporate communications and ZANTAZ EAS Reviewer for real-time supervision of email and IM.


  1. Effectively manage business risk
  2. On-demand or onsite solutions to meet your unique compliance needs
  3. Proprietary technology for any size enterprise
  4. Implement cost-effective records retentions policies
  5. Unparalleled professional services team of experts