Wamata Solutions together with its partner LS Telcom Ltd provides strategic consulting, radio network optimization services, frequency spectrum management and operational assistance for wireless network operators along with a comprehensive tool-set of software applications.












SPECTRA system

Wamata Solutions diverse range of expertise covers specifically for the regulator, military, broadcasting and mobile communications, air traffic control, police and taxi radio, microwave links and satellite systems, digital radio and television - all these services who uses radio frequencies for the wireless transmission of speech or data.

We together with the LS telcom group who have a global market share of more than 50%, provides its leading software solution of integrated spectrum management software systems and technical consultancy to our regulator, the Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimeda Malaysia (MCMC) since 1999 as well upgrades and addition of engineering tools over the years to keep up with the ever changing trend and increased complexity for spectrum management. This has enabled MCMC to efficiently handle their entire administrative, financial, analytical and engineering tasks, even for the most challenging frequency spectrum management requirements.

Milestone – The regulator, MCMC have been using LS Telcom’s suite of Spectrum Management Solution (SpMS) since 1999. A major upgrade and a multi year maintenance contract was thereafter awarded in 2006. MCMC have also engaged us in 2002 to perform a consultancy on the ‘National Spectrum Monitoring Concept and Spectrum Control Centre’ as well in 2007/2008, engaged us in their ‘Spectrum Management Strategic Review 2007/2008’ consultancy. In 2010, we were invited to present ‘Spectrum Management in a Changing Environment – New Methods and Trends’ for Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia’s Double Time seminar (2010) and the launch of the National Spectrum Consultative Council (NSCC).