Through LS Telcom’s renowned military specific solutions, LS Telcom has a set of solution that caters specifically for the military. This includes the capability of military spectrum management electronic warfare mission planning, technical spectrum management and network coverage planning or even planning a simple link or coverage.













The SPECTRA.system is a modular system that has specific software modules for
• Specific military data input management
• Electromagnetic compatibility analysis
• Management of national and international frequency plans
• Interfacing with radio monitoring systems

The SPECTRA.system supports wireless communication planning (VLF – EHF) and has a fully integrated 2D / 3D GIS function.

LS Telcom’s SPECTRAm.p.t meanwhile provides the military a mission planning tool for radio reconnaissance. SPECTA.m.p.t has an advanced 2D/3D GIS for visualisation of fixed and mobile radio networks and an integrated GPS via USB/NMEA.

SPECTRA.m.p.t provides the military a automatic or semi automatic procedure to plan functions for finding optimum location and required power for jamming of enemy radio networks based on interference analysis.