Wamata Solutions together with LS telcom is a provider of independent planning and engineering services for Digital Mobile Radio networks. The service portfolio covers the whole network life cycle of all common mobile network technologies (i.e. GSM, UMTS, WiMAX, LTE, TETRA, TETRAPOL, etc.).








We are especially good in the planning of Public Mobile Radio (PMR) networks based on TETRA / TETRAPOL technology. This includes tailored designs and integration of wireless special coverage solutions for tunnels, underground metros, shopping centres and other major buildings, where indoor coverage cannot be achieved by the macro outdoor network. 

With the experience from LS Telcom in many successful TETRA engineering projects, as well the xG Planner, a leading engineering tool suite at our disposal and a renowned Training & Competence Centre, we can ensure that our engineers / consultants are constantly up to date with the latest technologies and techniques to assist you in the successful planning of your digital mobile radio networks. We plan to not only achieve the expected quality and network coverage, but at the same time to ensure a most cost-effective network design as well as a most profitable network operation.