Wamata Solutions together with DIGIDIA, France now provides products and related services dedicated to the digital broadcasting and transmission of media such as radio, TV and data. Backed by a group of former HARRIS/ITIS employees along with a strong experience in digital Radio & Broadcasting technologies, DIGIDIA’s products caters for:








DAB/ DAB+ / DMB -  This product line allows to setup many applications following the Eureka147 family of standards including digital radio (DAB with MPEG Layer II encoding and associated data, DAB+ with MPEG4 AAC HE v2 encoding and associated data, DMB Visual Radio with BIFS associated data), mobile TV (DMB Mobile TV, DAB-IP with Enhanced Packet Mode)  and push data (MOT, TPEG, IP Tunnelling...) applications in Band III and in L-Band.

DRM/DRM+ - DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) is an international standard for digital radio in the LW, MW and SW bands (frequencies below 30MHz). DRM+ is the extension of the DRM standard for digital radio in both Band I and Band II (frequencies below 120MHz including the FM bands). The DIGIDIA DRM/DRM+ Product Line in this area are called CHORUS.

Syncronous FM - This product line allows setup of a complete network of FM transmitters working at the same frequency (SFN: Single Frequency Network). The key competitive advantage of the DIGIDIA solution is to use standard IP network for a secured and synchronized distribution of the signal from the studio to all the FM transmitter sites and an automatic frequency and time synchronization process based on GPS (time stamping).